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Monday, December 13, 2010

0152: Pope Benedict XVI on Aquinas (XVI)

Entry 0152: Pope Benedict XVI invokes Saint Thomas Aquinas to assist him

In the General Audience of 25 August 2010, the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI spoke about his devotion to saints:

Everyone must have some Saint with whom he or she is on familiar terms, to feel close to with prayer and intercession but also to emulate.

As you know, I too am especially attached to certain Saints: among them in addition to Saint Joseph and Saint Benedict, whose names I bear is Saint Augustine whom I have had the great gift to know, so to speak, close at hand through study and prayer and who has become a good "travelling companion" in my life and my ministry.

And in the book Light of the World (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2010), the Pope remarked:

Naturally I always pray first and foremost to our Lord, with whom I am united simply by old acquaintance, so to speak. But I also invoke the saints.

I am friends with Augustine, with Bonaventure, with Thomas Aquinas.

Then one says to such saints also: Help me!

And the Mother of God is, in any case, always a major point of reference.

In this sense I commend myself to the communion of saints.

With them, strengthened by them, I then talk with the dear Lord also, begging, for the most part, but also in thanksgiving--or quite simply being joyful.