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Monday, November 17, 2008

0045: Essence and Actus Essendi in the National Review/November 3, 2008/Book Review

Entry 0045:

Commenting on the 'Knowability of God' as explained in E. Feser's latest book, the reviewer writes: “This book… explains splendidly… how the distinction between essence and existence in things means that the principle of causality remains unassailable (despite centuries of unsupported proclamations to the contrary)” p. 53,
National Review, Nov 3, 2008.

Here is what Edward Feser writes on p. 104 of his book: “Nothing can cause itself; whatever comes into existence, or more generally whatever must have existence added to its essence in order for it to be real, must be caused by another. This is the principle of causality… Notice that it does not say ‘everything has a cause’… The principle says only that ‘what does not have existence on its own must have a cause.’”