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Monday, January 5, 2009

0052: Actus Essendi: The Text from De Veritate, 10, 8, ad 13

Entry 0052: Actus Essendi: the Text from De Veritate, 10, 8, ad 13

Here is another text from the "Series of Texts in which Aquinas Explicitly uses the Expression Actus Essendi:"

Ad decimumtertium dicendum, quod intellectiva potentia est forma ipsius animae quantum ad actum essendi, eo quod habet esse in anima, sicut proprietas in subiecto; sed quantum ad actum intelligendi nihil prohibet esse e converso.


“The intellective power is a form of the soul with reference to its ‘act of being,’ for it exists in the soul as a property in a subject. But there is nothing to prevent the opposite of this, from being true with reference to the act of understanding.”