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Monday, September 21, 2009

0088: Helium Writer M. J. Joachim’s Tips for Success

Entry 0088: Consult the Experts by M.J. Joachim

The end of summer managed to sneak up on me with a gentle breeze. Before I knew it, the full force of its magic was becoming a distant memory, as the approach of another school year was upon me. All was not lost in the spirit of a well needed break from the daily grind. Though I felt the need to be less active, I found myself just as engaged, but in many different ways.

One thing I did this summer was consult an expert. He’s a fellow Helium writer, one of my favorites, and I cannot express enough gratitude for his contributions to my work. His name is
Orestes J. Gonzalez, and his articles on Helium will inspire you with wisdom and truth.

It is important to choose wisely when asking for feedback on your work. You need someone who shares your passion, preferably has more knowledge about your subject than you, and appreciates your journey, not only as a writer, but as a fellow human being. Today’s tip is to consult the experts, but don’t be blinded by their expertise. There are many who can give you feedback on your work, and only a few will make it worth your while.