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Monday, February 13, 2012

0212: Russell Hittinger on Actus Essendi

Entry 0212: Russell Hittinger on Actus Essendi

In First Things, Professor Russell Hittinger writes,

“Speaking at his alma mater, the Angelicum, on the anniversary of Aeterni Patris in 1979, he [Pope John Paul II] said that ‘the philosophy of St. Thomas is a philosophy of being, that is, of the “act of existing” (actus essendi) whose transcendental value paves the most direct way to rise to the knowledge of subsisting Being and pure Act, namely to God.’ In his 1998 encyclical Fides et Ratio, he again warned that theology needs both analytic rigor and a sapiential dimension drawn from a philosophy of being” (June/July 2008 issue, p. 38).