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Monday, July 2, 2012

0232: Existence and Non-Contradiction

Entry 0232: Existence and Non-Contradiction 


1. An existing thing, by the very fact that it exists, excludes its simultaneous non-existence.

2. “Let us consider any being. That being, by the very fact that it exists, cannot simultaneously not exist. Its very existence excludes its simultaneous non-existence” (Jose Sanchez Villasenor, Ortega y Gasset Existentialist: A Critical Study of His Thought and Its Sources, trans. Joseph Small [Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1949], 205).

3. An existing thing manifests its existence.

4. “The existence of a thing implies the manifestation of its existence” (Paul Carus, Fundamental Problems: The Method of Philosophy as a Systematic Arrangement of Knowledge [Chicago: The Open Court Publishing Company, 1903], 155).

5. Everything that exists manifests its existence somehow. No matter how hard it is for us to get to know the existence of a thing, an existing thing cannot hide its existence.

6. “Each individual thing manifests its own existence clearly” (, accessed 30 June 2012).

7. It is self-evident that things actually present to our external senses are real existing things.