Monday, September 2, 2019

Commentary on actus essendi

Text no. 13

Commentary on 

Exposition of Boethius's De hebdomadibuslecture 2 

In his commentary on Boethius’s De Hebdomadibus Aquinas uses the expression actus essendi twice, in lecture 2: “Sicut possumus dicere de eo quod currit sive de currente quod currat inquantum subiicitur cursui et participat ipsum, ita possumus dicere quod ens sive id quod est sit inquantum participat actum essendi. (…) Sed id quod est, accepta essendi forma, scilicet suscipiendo ipsum actum essendi, est, atque consistit, idest in seipso subsistit; non enim ens dicitur proprie et per se nisi de substantia cuius est subsistere.

About this text, I have reported in previous posts some of the comments that have been offered by other authors in the relatively recent period since the publication of Cornelio Fabro’s works on participation (in 1939 and 1960). A list of the links to these posts follows:

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My own commentary on the text can be found here: Orestes J. González, Actus essendi and the Habit of the First Principle in Thomas Aquinas (New York: Einsiedler Press, 2019), 19-64.